What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a legal process designed to help consumers discharge their debt. Chapter 7 provides powerful debt relief by eliminating a large number of the consumer’s debts. Under Chapter 7, a certain amount of the debtor’s personal property maybe also be sold; however, many of our clients find that they do not lose any of their assets at all. After this process is done, our clients are usually debt-free and able to start their lives afresh.

At the Law Office of Steven R. Rebein, LLC, we have more than 30 years of experience in dealing with Chapter 7 bankruptcy. We’ve helped hundreds of Kansas and Missouri residents sort through the complexities of their bankruptcy cases and we can help you, too.

Can I keep my house?

When most people think of bankruptcy, they often imagine that they will lose all their property and be left with nothing. Fortunately, this misconception is far from the truth.

Debtors are usually able to keep their houses and cars in Chapter 7. They can do this by continuing to pay down the loans for that property while in bankruptcy; a task that many debtors find to be much simpler once their other debts have been removed from the picture. Bankruptcy exemptions also ensure that all or most of the debtor’s personal property will be protected as well.

Sometimes, in the hectic period before a debtor files for bankruptcy, creditors also take liens on furniture or other household goods to make sure the debtor pays the debt on some other property. Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy can remove these liens, allowing debtors to regain the equity in these items.

Not all debts can be discharged through bankruptcy. At the Law Office of Steven R. Rebein, LLC, we can help you sort through your finances and determine the best steps for you to take to regain your financial freedom.

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